Machine Learning.

Nova ML transforms complex data science into a simple, easy to use tool. What takes weeks of human effort is now executed in minutes.
Stop experimenting with machine learning and start actually using it!

In a nutshell

Fully automatic



Expert support


Always up to date

Key Features

Nova ML automatically performs the entire machine learning process (Data Scientist's work)

Data Analysis and Processing

Load up messy data with text fields, categorical variables, multiple date-time fields, outliers. All the variables will be cleaned and processed using the most advanced data transformation techniques

Missing values imputation

Feature engineering & selection

Model selection & tuning

Results interpretation

Predict on new data

Our product

No coding

Utilize the full power of Machine Learning without any prior programming experience. Applicable for data scientists, analysts, managers and even executives. Intuitive graphical interface will lead you through the whole machine learning cycle effortlessly

Minimum costs

No need to build and support expensive infrastructure. Cutting edge computing power is deployed on demand and is terminated instantly after the training is finished. Same goes for the expensive expertise


What usually takes weeks of analysis, data preparation/cleaning and model tuning is executed instantly. And you can run any number of projects at the same time too


Nova ML combines internal R&D, latest open source technologies and common sense to arrive at the best possible result. Our engineers are constantly updating the current solution with additional tools and features

Nova ML on Kaggle

Displayed are the results of Kaggle competitions solved by Nova ML

Our solution is competing with the best Data Scientists in fully automatic mode

NOVA ML does all the dirty work seamlessly within minutes/hours (depending on data volume) and consistently outperforms most of Data Scientists in Kaggle competitions.
It takes days/weeks of human effort to achieve similar results


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rmsle: 0,12

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rmse: 0,33

accuracy: 0,74

auc: 0,78

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Pricing options are defined based on a use case

  • Private or Enterprise application plans depend on:
  • Computing time per month
  • Number of available trainings
  • Storage volume
  • Deployment options
  • Support options
Private use

Private users

  • Small Businesses
  • Researches
  • Students
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Enterprise use

Enterprise users

  • Large Businesses
  • Multiple users
  • Extensive support
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Customer ratings


May 2020

Launch version 1.0

June 2020

Data cleaning &
processing tool
in the cloud

Sep. 2019

Unsupervised learning
- Clustering


Cloud and on-premises
deployment options

Jan. 2021

Image classification


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