Investment research and analysis

As AzFinance Investment Company, we help our local and global customers to get maximum yield by providing them with a variety of investment offers and ideas. Using the services of investment markets research and analysis of our company, our customers can direct their activities in a high quality, individual, efficient and time-saving way with potential benefits. As a leading investment company, AzFinance Investment Company offers various types of investment research and analysis services to its customers. The analytical experience of our company’s employees is based on sound education, international experience and high interest and professionalism for capital markets. All these features create all opportunities to meet the needs of our clients as an investment company, regardless of location, currency differences and tax payment position.

Our investment research and analysis services include followings:
Quantitative research

– using this service, operations such as scenario analysis based on mathematical models and informative facts, asset allocation, credit risk analysis, complex derivative pricing, etc. are performed.

Equity research

– this service focuses on the fundamental financial performance of sectors and corporations and is formed by the selection of the proper financial instruments for investment. For this purpose, various types of services such as comprehensive sector analysis (SWOT, Porter’s five-force), periodic earnings release, M&A advertisings, equity valuation, technical analysis (intra-day trading calls), etc. are offered.

Fixed income research

– Through this service, we offer our clients fundamental research and analysis support for fixed-income financial instruments, such as government bonds and other securities. For this purpose, credit analysis, forecasting, macroeconomic analysis (GDP, inflation, discount, currency), stress tests, etc. services are rendered.

Asset management research

– This service provides our customers with analysis for presentation, review of standard and at the same time individual information as well as better suggestions. The fund structured for this purpose offers services such information management, preparation and presentation of reports, monitoring of the fund's financial performance and rebalancing if necessary, etc.

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